Growing Up

As some one who is apart of the poptropica fandom, I am always asked by some of my in real life friends “aren’t you too old for that?” And I think… am I? Are we all we all too old for this…? This has plagued me ever since I have gotten into the poptropica fandom. But after a long time thinking about it, I think I have an answer.

There’s no doubt that poptropica has drawn in a young fanbase. I would not be surprised if I see young kids in this fandom. But it seems for every kid in this fandom, there seems to be 2 teens or adults. And with every fandom that is aimed towards younger people, but grows a fanbase with older people, there’s always the question that arises: “aren’t you to old for that?” In fact, I have been personally insulted by some one who found out that I liked poptropica. And thinking about it… no, I don’t think any one is too old for poptropica, or any media similar to it.

First off, poptropica “official” age limit is up to 15, but even then, on the creators twitter they say that you can be any age to enjoy it. Any age! That should be proof enough, but, let’s just keep rolling with this. Poptropica isn’t just made for younger audiences, though, we should not take away their enjoyment. It is stated perfectly clear that the creators want all people to come to their game and just have fun.

Speaking of fun, that’s what poptropica is supposed to be, fun. Does it always have a complex story, or clever witty dialog, or have morals that make you think? Not all the time no. Yes, there is some islands that do have these, but some islands don’t, even some of the fan favorites. Let’s see, spy island, 24 carrot, time tangled, etc. I could go on and on. But what do these islands have in common? They’re fun! I could go and replay these islands time after time. And the islands with the complex plots, or the witty dialog, those ones are still fun too! That’s what draws so many older people to this fandom, due to how fun the game is.

And it’s not just the game that’s fun. The characters are fun too. Especially the villains. It’s no surprise that the villains are a fan favorite. And that to many people of the fandom, older and younger, they tend to be the characters they latch onto. Personally, when I get into a fandom, the part I tend to like the most are the characters. No exception here. The characters are what drew me into this fandom. There are so many here and they are all interesting, fun, or just enjoyable. With so many characters that are fun and just all around great, it is no wonder that people of all ages like this game.

Lastly, through out thinking about this, I’ve come to a personal realization. I’ve come to realize that, just because people grow up, doesn’t mean they have to give up what they enjoy. Actually, to me, not giving up what makes you happy makes you mature then what some people may say. Yes, letting yourself enjoy things that may be deemed “childish” does not make you childish. The people who shame us for liking poptropica are the ones that are childish. They’re childish for making fun of us for what we like.

One point to make for this, I don’t believe that people should be trying to make poptropica more “adult” to try to get rid of the childish connotations. Also, I don’t like seeing older people of the fandom harass or make fun of younger people of the fandom. Poptropica is made for everyone, children too.

As long as nobody is hurting nobody, no one in this fandom should be deemed “childish”. Teens and adults that enjoy this game have so many reasons too, poptropica is fun, and while not all the time, it can be deep, and it can be witty. Poptropica is made for everyone, the creators love all the people in this fandom, despite the age. All in all, no one should be ashamed of themselves for liking this game. It’s made for everyone, and it’s made to be fun and enjoyed by everyone. You are not childish for liking this, and in fact, by embracing your enjoyment for this game, it makes you more mature then anyone who may see you childish for doing so.

What do any of you think? Agree? Think I’m crazy? Be sure tell me your opinions.





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